Monday, June 11, 2012

What happens at the cabin stays at the cabin…(pffttt, bitch, I’ve got a blog!!)

Hello peeps, sorry that I have been so blah blah lately.  I have been working, and working, and working, and working at the cabin, and getting my girls ready for the end of the school year and summer vacation plans, and working, and working, and working at home, and working.

Sense the general theme here?  However, that being said, I did take the time to take part in some serious shenanigans at our family cabin.  

Let’s just say that this involved around 10 bottles of wine, 3 + cases of beer, some rather large marshmallows and 8 adults (semi adult acting).  (Well, really only 1 adult didn’t participate, he stood aside shook his head and mocked us during our low points.  But we can always count on Papa to put the idea in our heads and let us take all of the fool credit. )

Typical View

Even better

It’s a bad sign when your Mommy has to bake the cabin “neighbors” a berry cobbler to “apologize” for all of the noise and shenanigans that your adult children made at the bonfire until 2:30 a.m.  (Well, we think it was 2:30 a.m., we are relying on my sister’s using her one good focusin’ eye to tell the time)
At least this time, no one threw a wine bottle full of gas on the bon fire, and no one fell in the bon fire, and I didn’t throw my flaming marshmallow on my sister’s lap (again), no one threw up, and no one fell over into their own stream of steaming pee while trying to squat.  (I know NOTHING about this ONE…..NOTHING)  

Give me your beer BITCH

And now I've wet my pants...again.

Pony rides anyone??  ANYONE??

No one tried to play mountain golf in the dead of night and got lost, and no one got kicked out of the mountain biker bar that is down the street, and praise the baby HeyZeus, no one wet their pants laughing.  The last one gets a little difficult when you get around my brother in law, because when he is on….HE IS ALWAYS ON.  That man hurts my abs and causes me to purchase poise pads as part of my “cabin” list.

View from Back Cabin

WOOT WOOT, New Bath-house!

The Dreaded BACK CABIN

This trip, we didn’t have any “bat” issues in the back cabin!  “Bat” issues you say…..well, let me tell you.  See, the back cabin is one of those old logging cabins that you can pick up and move anywhere.  It’s a very dark box with windows, and if you have ever been camping or in the woods, you know that it gets DARK DARK DARK up there.  

So, hubby and I are lying in bed in the back cabin, we have one ankle biter in the twin bed next to us and another ankle biter across the room in another twin bed.  Hubby and I have stumbled from the bon fire and are proceeding to saw some serious alcoleholie snores in the dark dark room.  Suddenly, Hubby leaps from a prone position to jumping around the bed like some crazed dog doing butt circles trying to catch his tail, all the while screaming madly.  This causes me to rise like an autobot Stepford Wife while belting out a massive scream that would rival ANY fucking horror flick you have EVER seen.  Finally, my own screams pierce my beer fog and I jump out of the bed and scream for my hubby to quit leaping around the bed like a meth-ed out lab.  My girlies are staring at us with a “What the fuck now look??” and I get everyone to take a breath.  We finally figure out that while lying on his side, my hubby’s arm has fallen asleep.  Said arm, while sound asleep has whacked him in the face, causing him to believe that a “bat” was trying to eat him.  He was attempting to “save” his girls and attack the bat (hence the bed butt circles and screaming) Once we established that the “bat” was really his own arm, I think I laughed so hard that even my poise pad had trouble keeping up with the flow. (Damn kids).  Thank the lordy above that this trip was “bat” free.

Outdoor Shower!!  WOOT WOOT

I did shower naked under the stars, and I did fall (as to be expected a couple of times) 

Scene of the Crime

MMM...velvet cake and WINE...WINE WINE

I DID try TRY TRY to kick ass in Sequence.  Usually, my team goes down in flames (I’m usually partnered with my Mom, who at this point in the evening is giving me the one eye).  This time I was partnered with my brother and my hubby was partnered with my brother in law.  Their team proceeded to hand us our asses on multiple occasions.  My brother (Lord, love him) plays the same as my Mom….I think next time I’m gonna have to call ho’s before bro’s and partner up with my Sis in Law or my Sister for the win.  Damn those boys and their big black bad ass chips.

I did agree to eat bear meat (NASTY), I did move a ton of gravel, I got dirty, and I absolutely had a FABULOUS time with the best family ever!

And a BIG BIG thank you to the BEST brother ever...who brought my own water so we could all drink me.


  1. Wow, what a terrific time! Never been out in the woods like that...and I'm not quite sure I'd acquit myself half so well as you. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. oh my gosh! How fun! Thank you for sharing your trip. I laughed reading this the whole time. BTW, love your redneck wine glasses! i made those last year for my friends.

    1. Holli, you MADE them!!! Holee Crap, would you be interested in making me some? I would be happy to pay you?? Post back and let me know.

  3. I love love love the bit about the "bat" hitting hubby in the face. lol Glad you had an awesome time!

    1. JDAy - OMFG, it was the funniest thing that has ever happened to us. Cabin time is always the best

  4. No, you did not eat bear meat! That will piss the other bears off, and they will form an army to destroy us. They are already violent as all heck as it is. Now, I am afraid. I am prepared to go camping in a couple of weeks. I'll have to get a gun.

    1. Nellie - Not YET, but I believe the rule is if you kill it you have to eat it. And hubby is all geared up to hunt and kill bear. (yeah...all said in lower caps)

  5. Grizzly bear? Black bear? Teddy Bear? Sounds like a blast beyond that!

    1. Andrea - I think they hunt black or brown bears...I don't know. We women folk are not allowed at the cabin during huntin season. Well mostly because who wants to be the slave of a bunch of hunters. So, willingly, I stay at home with the girls. Pedicure anyone?

  6. OMG I am dying!!! Bahaha! A bat. Bat's are no joke, they'll eat your face off. Maybe. I don't really know much about bats. Thanks for the laugh! High-larious!

    1. Thanks!! It was the funniest thing that ever happened, our girls still tease my hubby about the "bat"