Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eating yourself and nothing....cause I have nothing

So, its a slow day and I've been really busy at work.  Also, I have been trying not to blow my wad before the A-Z blogging challenge, since I have to blog EVERY DAY in April.  EVERY DAY.....

I have been emailing myself ideas and some of them are really good......let's hope!!  Some of them are a little crazy because I was probably a little loopy and thought something was really funny....and now....I can't even remember what I thought was so funny about it.


So, I was watching the news the other night and they were talking about January Jones from Mad Men eating her placenta.  Now, ewwww.  That is just nasty, why would you want to eat your afterbirth??  I don't care how you think this helps you.  The reason that animals eat their own afterbirth...IS BECAUSE THEY ARE ANIMALS!   My dog eats the shit of my other dog as it is dropping out of her butt.  This does not mean that I need to hunker down and eat this shit too!   People, get a grip.  We are not malnutritioned, we don't need this extra protein.
I don't care how you cook it....its nasty.

It's almost as bad as the mall that was pumping the smell of breast milk through the HVAC system to make people happier.  

Really??  Booby juice is going to make you happy?  

Well...wait a second...it made my girls fat and sassy....maybe it can make others too!   

So now that I am out of things to say (I need to last longer for later, damn it!!)  I give you THIS

Shine on Vin Diesel...Shine on.....

Courtesy of Mandi over at Smexy books.  Mandi @ Smexy!!  Who not only provides high quality pictures, but also rocks it with the book reviews!!  She has never given me a bad recommendation!!

And now...Elvis has left the building

Update - Check out Monica's blog....she has recipes....for placenta cocktails....SO WRONG

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