Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is that a gun on your Vagina?

Annie....bitch, get your GUN

So, I am currently working on a project to turn a crack house into a refurbished residential "live/work" space.  Essentially, it will eventually turn into a crack house, but for right now we are going to pretend that people aren't complete douche-canoes and they will treat this new building with over 100 units with "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"  Ah...ha ha... 

This place is dark, and scary, and there are boarded up rooms where I get to play pretend cop/commando and kick open doors so that I can (1) Run away and scream like the girl that I am if anyone is in there or (2) that the dead body that is in the room will get hit by the door and I wont have to stand there long before I run away and scream like a girl.  

It was in one of these moments that I found a room....with other things.  

Armed with my mag light...cause really...if you are going to "play" cop you need a good set of handcuffs and a mag light.  Since I was at work, the handcuffs had to stay at home, but the fucking mag light...its on bitches.

So as I kick open the door, I notice the smell...EWWWWKK....and then I notice the bottles of 409, blankets, a mini coleman stove, the obligatory druggie mess (needles, stash shit, etc) and in the corner was this........

There are a couple of things to note on this picture....the artwork, the gun at the vagina, the beer wrapped in a paper bag cozy, the flames on one side of the boobie and maybe water art on the other boobie?,  the fact that it has some sort of strap to help anchor it to your body, and the one thing that you cannot see which I refused to get any closer to "Manny" (my name for her) was the "shine" on its lower half. are a dirty whore and I refuse to touch you.  Some poor subcontractor is going to have to remove you from my job.

As I walk out of the back crack ho office, I notice this piece of lovely art on the wall.....(and as side note, don't get me wrong, some of the art work in here is pretty good)

But that FAT PUSSY.........
That bitch has marked her territory ALL over my fucking building.  She has even put her mark on the EXTERIOR of the building.  

Fat pussy is one territorial bitch.  

I think that I saw her today at one of the four liquor stores that are at each of my building corners. 
 No, I am not shitting you.....a liquor store on every corner.  

And with that......I'm done blogging about the "writing on the wall"

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