Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vagina.....table for two, and why yes my t-shirt does say pussy

“Would you like to see my two vaginas?”  Yep, you heard me.  It's a new party ice breaker according to Hazel Jones.................

And I'm not afraid to show you-show you

Jazzy Hazel Vaj-jay Jones says that she is “quite happy to show you” her dominant right vagina and the pencil thin left one.  That’s right peeps, she has two vaginas, two cervixes and two uteruses….uterus diddly-do-do or if you want the technical term, it’s “uterus didelphys” 

When I told hubby about this, he said, “Wow, exciting, a place for your dick and your hands”.  This could be great for girls (like me) who think that the pooper shoot is one way, going out.  I know some of you ladies and gent's like it - but my preference is no, thank you.  Hubby keeps saying that as I near 40 I might change my mind, but that is highly doubtful.  And yes, Jenn, why I say no to butt sex because hilarity does not ensue - I say yes to my USB port Lelo Gigi Pleasure object.  Yes, that is right.....pleasure object.  Check out the reviews at Freddy and Eddy

As for the double vaggies , I just wonder, if you cycle around yourself?  Or have double bread making (that’s what we call yeast infections) Think of the wind instruments you could play between the vag gas and the butt gas.  As a side note, my 6-year old ripped the loudest and longest fart I have ever heard, then turns to me and says….”Holy Guacamole, Mom, my bucksnort ricochet through my pee-pee”.  Klassy….we are klassy.

And now a new collection of my favorite t-shirts:

Pyro Ass

Or anything on my face, I will stab you

Don't make me cap your ass bitch


And stabbings

Head, Pants NOW


And wives don't swallow

I'm bringing sexy back

Just one time, I want to see the guy wearing this

Jenn - I bought this for you

For Easy, duh

This is whatz happenin on Saturday

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