Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Organized sports....punishment for parents

Have you noticed lately that coaches, dance teachers, sporting directors, etc are going slightly crazy?  Or is it that it has always been this way and I am just now noticing it because my kids are getting more involved in sports?  For example, my first ankle biter (AB #1) is really involved in sports and other related activities, and during one of her outings of "Sport X" my husband and I noticed that it event wasn’t really organized.  So, being the proactive mommy, I offered to help out (as much as possible while doing my full time job).  I figured that I couldn’t just complain about the lack of organization if I didn’t try to help.  So after a month or so of helping, my girlfriend called me to let me know that her kids wouldn’t be attending practice due to a big family event.  I said, ok I don’t think that the practice is mandatory but I will let the coach know that you will not be there.  OMG, you would of thought that we just declared WWIII!  Holy Shitballs, it was like we just revealed that the Pope is secretly Jewish….and the amount of shit storm e-mails that went around were fricking incredible.  After a couple more months of shitty attitude from the Coach and her own lack of following the standards/commitment that she was requiring of the kids, hubby blew his lid. 

Hubby and I, we have been together for a long time, and in our relationship, he has always given me the freedom to run wild.  He likes the fact that I handle my own shit and I don’t run to him every time it hits the fan.  But when he reaches the end of that slow burning fuse, motherfuckers watch out!!  He called the coach and sent her the best e-mail ever…..

“From: Pissed off Hubby
Subject: Sport X
To: Coach
Date: Monday, January 9, 2012, 8:28 AM

What I mean about the events from the other day, means that when I arrive 10 minutes prior to the practice and the doors are locked, nobody in the parking lot, and a note on the door stating that the gym, which Sport X utilizes the facilities, is closed until January 9th, and finally, another parent with a daughter in front of me came to the same conclusion, should not result in a phone call to my house after we have returned home that was less than understanding of the circumstances. According to the other parents that you mentioned, they stated that you didn't arrive until after 10:00 in the morning. I don't expect my daughter or the team to be at the level of a competition team, but I do expect at a minimum that you are teaching them responsibility. When you have told both parents and girls that they should arrive 10 minutes early to practices to be ready to begin at the set time, I would expect their coach to be there even earlier. After you begin practice late and then want to hold the girls past the end time, causes scheduling conflicts with other parts of everyone's lives. For us, this was not the first example, in my opinion, of your lack of leadership you have displayed and while I am paying your salary, I would expect some professionalism when communicating with the parents and leading by example for the girls. So yes, AB#1 is done as of this past weekend with Sport X. If you need anything further or would like to call, please contact myself in the future.”

So what is up with people lately?  Sports should be fun and teach kids the meaning of teamwork and competitive sportsmanship.  They shouldn't be so complicated and full of strife.  I love when Hubby is coaching AB#2 sports, we have the best time with the parents and everyone is so respectful.   I just can't get over the fact that I was paying over $250/month to deal with this shit? 

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