Monday, April 16, 2012

No....I Just say NO!

Just say No….

I had a rough weekend.  Friday, I was happy, actually got home early from work after working 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. all week, and was ready to celebrate actually getting a pretty big project approved with a fun filled dinner with the fam.  Hubby, that wonderful gem, played single father all week and did everything!  From making dinners, to laundry, to bath time to homework – he had it covered.   

And here is the best part, I mean the most FUCKING BEST EVER PART – he kept the kids from calling me.  See, hubby knows, the girls call me, they cry that they miss me and I just get stressed.  I start feeling guilty about my job and how my children are suffering without me and I am such a bad miserable mother.  But Hubby is smart, and when 8:30 came I get a very short text that says…I love you, all is good, call when you can.  Did I say that he is AWESOME and wonderful???  No, well let me say it again…. He is the BEST EVER!

At dinner, he order’s me this…..again, BEST HUBBY EVER!  Then, we get a call from our tax guy while we were at dinner, and he says…we owe $10K (that’s $10,000 to the feds)  WHAT THE FUCK, YOU ARE FIRED….)   Long story short, our tax guy fucked up and now we owe.  And to this hubby replies….do you want another?  And let’s me dissolve into a pity party of ONE.    After my party, he reminds me that our family mantra is adapt and overcome.  So, yep, the next day, he took me to buy a pair of shoes (ANY PAIR I WANTED).  I love this man.

So to salute my “N” blog today….I am going to say NO –

“No” to those crazy bridezilla bitches who have now come up with resorting to nasogastric tube diets.  What the fuck, you crack whore bitches?  Can’t you just get on meth?  No, you have to stick a tube up your nose and eat this this in order to lose weight.  Who cares if you are fucking fat asses, you are going to gain it back and then you are going to be a more miserable person. Why can’t someone just love you for who you are?  
Oh, that's right….because you are too narcissistic and ruh-tarded to even figure that out.  Note to yourself – don’t reproduce….there are enough douche bags and twatwaffles in the world, I don't need your kids jacking mine up at school.

Esty – SAY FUCKING NO- and say no to this lady who wants to promote bottom cleavage.  Seriously, I don’t want to have to wax on/wax off cleaning my seats because your ass slime has penetrated my seats.  FUCK YOU.



And for those Mommy hate wars going on now – Just suck it up Buttercups!  Say no to that petty bullshit.  Stay at home Mom’s work just as hard as working Mom’s, unless you belong to the Juicy Club (Juicy Club SUCKS) – then I think that you are a stupid twatwaffle.

Big shout out to Sheryl Sandberg who admits that she works 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. so that she can get home to her family.  However, you are now the COO of Facebook – it’s kind of a little late.  But thanks for putting it out there that family life and quality time are important….

Anything I missed…..something or someone you want to say No to??  Then just say NO with me…


  1. Butt cleavage?!?!?!?!?!

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    And for those bridezillas with the nasogastric tube: I want them to know that shit ain't right. That shit ain't so fun when your life is in serious danger and that's the only thing keeping your stupid ass alive. If I were there fiancees, I'd fucking leave them. That just pisses me off.

  2. I wasn't overly confident with my own boob cleavage, now I have to risk seeing someone's ill fated wiping attempts..ew, just ew! That drink does look divine and well deserved! So where are the shoes?

    1. Andrea - I will take pictures, because I think I might be going back for more!!

  3. What is that drink, and where can I get 2? I need to forget the butt claveage STAT!

    1. Justin - I know...the butt dress...its visual trama. And the drink is called a coronarita. It's a margarita with a corona in it. Corona is not my fav...but the drink was quite yummy

  4. The butt dress. Not ok.

    Also, it just occurred to me that I left you off my blogroll. So fail.

    1. EPIC Fail my friend, EPIC Fail. Thanks for putting me back on.

  5. I am sure those dresses have to be illegal. Just ewww! And your tax man screwed up so he should have to pay.

  6. Congratulations on your wonderful husband. They are hard to find, you know.

    Bottom cleavage? I try avoid that at all costs. At least it provides a laugh.